Your success to how to trade binary options

New investors in the binary options market often inquire what are the best methods in how to trade binary options.  While this answer may vary depending on who is giving the advice, we have consulted leading big investors for their feedback on how to be successful in this industry and how to trade binary options skillfully so that your investment experience is sure to be worthwhile.

To become a profitable binary options trader, the first step is finding your own niche at this market.  Not even the big investors became trading geniuses overnight.  Like anything else, it takes practice to master this trade.  Regardless, of your level and or financial knowledge, advanced investors all agree that even inexperienced investors can easily be successful in the beginning stages of how to trade binary options.

Choose the best and most convenient binary options platform
One of the most vital factors in you should consider in how to trade binary options successfully is finding the right binary options platform to trade from. When you begin searching online for your selection of platform choices you will find a handful to choose- each suggesting that they are the best to work with. Some of these platforms will even provide you with insider tips on the financial market and how to trade binary options. Most importantly, you should select a platform that provides you with a nice selection of assets to trade from so that you may have more diversity and a handful of expiry times to allow either short or long term investments. The platform should require no downloads and provide you with a simple and user-friendly experience so you may become a master in how to trade binary options. A platform that offers outstanding customer service and is available in multiple languages is always a benefit.

Choose an  asset you are familiar with
Once you are registered on a binary options platform, selecting the best asset that allows to you make high profit is essential. There are a plethora of assets to select from either whether it’s currency, stocks, commodities and/or indices. The question you ask yourself is how to trade binary options most effectively once you decide which asset you would like to invest in. The secret to this is very simple. The more familiar you are with the asset you choose, the better your prediction will be. For example, if you hear on world news reports that the value of oil is dropping then you will estimate that oil will drop and purchase a “Put” Option of Oil during your trade. The best advice to how to trade binary options is trade an asset that you feel most comfortable with the prediction and you feel is moving in the direction your inner feeling is telling you it is heading

Choose an expiry time that works best with your strategy
Many big investors admit that your selection in choosing the best expiry time is a key factor in how to trade binary options skillfully. The wonderful advantage of binary options is that the investor has the chance to select an expiry time- at the end of the hour, at the end of the day, at the end of the week or the end of the month. Depending on whether you are seeking a short term gain or long term gain, you will be able to decide what works best for you. If you feel you need more time for the asset to reach the underlying price you are predicting than perhaps a longer time period is what you are seeking. However, if you are hoping to gain a short term win, then end of the hour may suite your trading strategy better.

These are all key factors in how to trade binary options successfully. Start your trade today!

Steps to binary options trading

Once you have begun binary options trading, you will see why big investors are flocking to this market. Binary options trading is new, exciting and allows you to make high profits either short or long term. If you haven’t already joined a binary options platform, what are you waiting for? Join a platform today and follow this guide to assist your binary options trading experience. When you begin binary options trading, you will surely understand why this new industry is booming and how you, too, can join the big investors and make high sums of money.

Step 1: Join the best binary options trading platform

The wonderful reality of binary options trading is that unlike the traditional Forex brokers, trading binary options does not involve a middle man. All you need to do is simply search Online for a binary options platform and select the best platform that you feel most comfortable with. Not all platforms offer the same benefits and you should select a platform that offers the best return, is user-friendly and you feel most comfortable with. Once you find a platform, sign up for the free account. Typically, most platforms require a very small start up deposit to begin. Keep in mind, most platforms use US Dollars as the standard currency traded.

Step 2: Choose an Asset

After you deposit funds into your binary options trading account, you will then choose the asset you would like to trade on which includes- commodities, stocks, currency pairs and indices.

Commodities: Oil, Gold…
Stocks: Apple, Microsoft, WalMart…
Currency Pairs:  USD/EUR/GBP…
Indices: Dow Jones, Nasdaq…

Step 3: Select your investment price

Next, during your binary options trading, you must decide what amount you would like to invest in. Needless to say, each binary options trading platform has its own specific parameters for the minimum or maximum trade allowed for each asset. Generally, this price is between $50 to $5000; however, you may trade on the same asset multiple times to increase your return.

Step 4: Predict your asset’s movement

Now here is where the fun begins during binary options trading- will your asset’s price rise or fall? At this point, you must estimate if your asset will be more inclined to increase from the underlying price it as currently at or will it decrease from the underlying price from where it is at.

You predict the asset price will increase: Call Option
You predict the asset price will decrease: Put Option

Step 5: Choose your binary options trading expiry

At this point in your binary options trading experience, you have the complete control over whether you would like to pursue a short term investment or a long term investment.  It is most exciting for investors to have this opportunity at a quick and high return since it is far in comparison to the traditional investment where you must wait for a quarter to expire. Binary options trading enables you to choose between end of the hour, day, week or month for each trade you select.

Step 6: Make high profits
Depending on the binary options trading platform you are on, if your prediction was correct (you were “in-the-money”), your return could be as high as 70% of your initial investment. In any case, if your prediction was incorrect (you were “out-of-the-money’) then you completely lose your investment, but let’s hope otherwise! Remember that the key to binary options trading is having a general understanding of binary options since anyone whether financial savvy or new to the trading experience may take part in this market.

Binary Options: An exciting investment

Often dreamt of how you can start a worthwhile investment- whether for the short or long term. But you never knew how? The secret to accomplishing this dream is trading binary options. Even big investors, who capitalize in the stock market, have begun trading binary options – since there is minimal loss involved. With binary options, the system is strategically designed to allow a trader to turn a small investment into a high profit within a short period of time. If making 70% return sounds appealing to you, than binary options is the way to go!

There is no middle ground with binary options, you either win or lose. Basically, you purchase a contract at either the Call or Put Option and predict if your asset (such as indices, commodities, stocks, or currency pairs) will either fall or rise within a certain period of time that you choose. If your prediction was right or “in-the-money” you win and if your prediction was incorrect or “out-of-the-money” than you lose.

How binary options works

The “contract” you are purchasing at the beginning of your trade, with most binary options trading platforms, is fixed price such as $100, $150, etc. If you invest $100 in an option, and if your prediction is correct, then you will receive $100 for the option plus an additional 60-70% offered by the binary option platform you are a part of. However, if your prediction is incorrect then you lose your investment.

Trading Binary Options Exhibit A:

The asset you choose to invest in is gold

Strike price for purchasing (Call Option) is at 30000
Strike price for selling (Put Option) is at 7000

By judging the market and the strike prices you estimate in which direction you think the stock will go. So, let’s say you purchase the Call Option. The last strike price for calls was at 20000 and now it is at 30000. When you purchase you are estimating that the price of gold will be at 30000 or more on the date of expiration. If you are correct, you will then receive the set amount of money that you invested in plus 60-70% per contract. If you are incorrect, and the price of gold drops back down, you will lose all money invested.

Binary Options benefits to the investor

It is no wonder why binary options have become a growing trend in the financial market considering the advantages it provides investors. This powerful investment tool is cost efficient, low risk, has the potential for high return and flexible.

The most incredible advantage of binary options is the opportunity for the investor to make a quick profit in a short time period such as one hour. Who could imagine you could make anywhere between 60-70% in such a short time! Investors have the ability to choose a variety of assets and trade on financial markets around the world.

What big investors love about trading binary options is that they may trade whatever amount they would like with no limitations. Most importantly, most binary options platforms enable the trader to choose the time period they would like their trade to last- an hour, day, week and/or month. This allows the investor to not only choose an asset they feel most comfortable with, but also give them time to make the best prediction of their trade so they are “in-the-money.”

Most importantly, investors are flocking to binary options because it is a fun and exciting method for traders to make high profits. Now what are you waiting for? Start making money with binary options.

Binary Options Strategies


Have you joined a binary options trading platform and wondering- what are the best binary options strategies that will put you in a position to make incredible profits every day? As binary options trading has become an increasingly growing trend worldwide, top binary options brokers and individual investors have assessed and identified a selection of binary options strategies that are the best methods a trader may use in order to excel in the binary options market. After applying these binary options strategies to your trading experience, you will discover unique strategic approaches that are guaranteed to position you among the most successful traders in the binary options industry who are reaping lucrative rewards.

Binary Options Strategies #1:
The Reversal

The most popular amongst the binary options strategies is called “the Reversal” strategy. This strategy is used when an investor observes that an asset suddenly moves in a specific direction, but detects that the asset is highly unlikely to stay at that peak and will move towards its original position; if not all of the way. Therefore, the investor will quickly buy a “Call” or “Put” Option depending on whether the price of the asset has risen abruptly or fallen abruptly.

Example: You decide to trade S&P Future and see that it has been consistent at 2,000 and then quickly jumps to 2,700 within a short period of time and then quickly jumps back to its low peak.  You will then decide to quickly purchase an option when it is close to its original point.

Binary Options Strategies #2:
The Straddle

While “the Straddle” may be associated as one of the more complex binary options strategies, this strategy is capable of yielding double, profitable returns for the investor.  This tactic is when a trader pairs both a “Call” and “Put” Option on the same asset.  Essentially, the investor straddles the asset at both a high and low point (between the two prices) so that this creates a nested position and ultimately a double success for the investor at the time of expiry.

Binary Options Strategies #3:
The Double Trade

Binary options strategies such as “the Double Trade” are commonly used by investors who have an advanced awareness of the financial markets. This strategy is used when an investor purchases an asset and subsequently, observes that the trade is proceeding in the investors favor. The investor will choose to purchase another option with the same asset.  Ultimately, this strategy will provide the investor with an increased profit on their original investment.

Example: You purchased a $100 “Put” Option of Nasdaq at 5,000. Before the expiry time, you notice that this trade is proceeding in your favor and trading below this level. Then you will purchase another “Put” Option.

Binary Options Strategies #4:
The Knock on Effect (aka Market Pull Strategy)

This is a favorite amongst the binary options strategies and a useful tactic that skilled traders apply to any asset. By following news headlines, the trader recognizes that a move in one asset has a “Knock on Effect” to another asset. More simply stated, the trader invests in either a “Call” or “Put” Option based on dramatic changes in the markets. Stock prices affect index prices. A country’s asset affects the price of commodities.

For example: Latest news reports announce that the value of the dollar is dropping. The trader will then purchase a “Put” Option of USD/EU.  The basic concept of this method compared to other binary options strategies is that trader perceives that this coupled currency will drop.


Keep in mind that the wonderful phenomenon of trading binary options is that it is simple and anyone may trade!  Nonetheless, mastering binary options strategies are easily achieved once you apply one or more methods that fit your trading style. The binary options strategies that one may use while investing are numerous and different strategies are fitting for different people when trading various assets.  This means you should select amongst the binary options strategies that work best for you and ultimately present you with profitable and worthwhile trading results.